Forged from photoshop

I was looking at willie real when i did the sketch for this and thinking about shapes and how cool his are and how mine usually are... well.. boring. this is something i really dont think about enough. after that i probably got tired of thinking about shapes and started thinking about how starfish reproduce.. or something. uh... anyways i was looking at sarah mensinga i think when i started painting it. This is prolly the coolest cool daddy i know.....or at least the most fun to draw. I think the shapes are ok.. and im pretty sure starfish reproduce asexually.



about 30 minutes ago, someone asked me if cephalopods like smoothies.... The answer is yes.



The Last Thread. work in progress.

The Story reel for the up and coming short film by yours truly.
All of the key animation and layout is done...Now come breakdowns and in betweens!!! so exciting ive been waiting to animate this thing for so long, in fact animating this character is a huge reason for even making the film :) yeah any who ill hopefully have this thing finished by may. hopefully.

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