Octopi. I've always had a fascination with them. they're like hybrid of an underwater flower and a deadly spider... well, if spiders had prehensile arms, that is. anywho, i was watching some video reference of octopi again, and im just always confounded by the way they move...so creepy, and yet... attractive



some walk cycles done with a rig built by my good man, Tovo Andriamampionona.
his lovely work with dynamic feathers simply makes me look good....

24 hours...you bastard!

I finished animation on this dialogue test in 24 hours. I took one day for reference video, and studying those, and one day after for, minor tweeking such as adjusting finger motions in the graph editor, and pushing head and facial those extra little bits.

Yakety Yak...

These are character tests for a film I've been working on. even though there is no dialogue in the film, I found that using them in a dialogue test provided a unique opportunity to take these characters out of context. working this way allowed me to expand more on their personalities, as well as explore construction and new possibilities with such an unconventional character.


Color Study!

So i am absolutly color retarded. but I had this idea that the master copy technique could be used on JUST color. i.e taking my own drawing and applying the color palette from another illustration. so i started with some illustrations from bengal and josh middleton with similar palettes, and found in much easier to spread my wings afterward. this is the finished product.


first post

I promised myself I'd start a sketch blog this summer....so here it is, the first post. this is an old sketch that I've colored in photoshop... you all know, the standard process - scan, multiply, blah blah blah. well whatever, i think its pretty.

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