What is Unpakt? from Unpakt on Vimeo.

promotional vid I did for unpakt.com. Its actually a really cool website- like orbitz, but for moving!
aaaaaaany who. I think the short is funny.


Call Connect Leads

If you're like Stan , and need to drum up business for your business. Do what Bill did. Try these guys out. Just the coolest company around. Great to work with - for realsies.

If you're like these guys, and need a video to say your business can drum up business for businesses....call me. I do that. And then if you're nice - I'll say nice things about you on my blog. which will probably only be seen by like 5 people a day... but whatever. 


real man..

something I did for threadless long time ago.. forgot to post it.


Starbucks ad!! Its out!

woo! me animate stuff for starbucks!! Directed and designed by adam and hoku - these guy were fabulous to work for. myself and 2 other animators johnny and tyler created the animation on the cups. my part - flash animation, file management, and alot of checking timecode.

Im glad to see it came out so pretty


Eeeeee Cards - for Ladybug ecards

did these ecards for super booper ladybug studios... In charge of char design, bg design, color and animation.
if you wanna see funnier ones they're at the website here:
or at the you tube channel here:

I like the ones with the cats... just sayinn...


Critters are coming!!

I have an idea for a thing and this is a bit o' pre-vis spew.
I put more up later.... when Im famous... for my great idea....

cure my pc

little video i did for pc repair company... and here's where the company gets a plug on my site. cuz they were really nice people.

(insert narrator voice) "If your PC crapped out on you for no reason whatsoever, and you have a million things to do, and the tech support guy just told you that you can ship your computer off to the repair center on mars but it will take 3 million business days to get it back, (at least thats what you think he said - but it's really hard to understand him because the reception is really bad on mars)
Just go to
and one of their fast, friendly little stick figure tech guys will drive to your house and make everything all better!!!

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